Assignment One, Self Reflection Against Assessment Criteria

I have never completed such an exercise before so I have decided to give this a go blind. I have not looked at other students’ blogs etc. as I want gain my tutor Les’s feelings and I will then modify accordingly and learn from my mistakes. I have decided to give myself a mark to see if this will correspond to any given by my tutor.

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

As this is my first assignment my technical and visual skills whilst being acceptable fall well short of where I need to be. I chose to shoot at the wrong time of day for a start, which has had an impact on shutter speeds and ISOs and also on the method of metering making this harder for me due to the bright sun light. This point has been noted to self. I also had to think on my feet and the order I shot the images in, was not the final order I had in my mind. I would give myself 15 marks out of 40.

Quality of Outcome

I believe my 12 images tell the story but they are devoid of people, which was intentional. On reflection, including more people may have added to the mood of the piece. I would give myself 9 out of 20.

Demonstration of Creativity

A number of my images are on the same theme i.e. what may disappear from Bramley?  Here I could have substituted the odd vista for images the showcased people. I would give myself 8 out of 20.


This was too spontaneous but I had completed plenty of research prior to shooting so I had a good idea what I wanted to convey. I would myself 6 out of 20.

When Bramley dies, can the last person close the door.



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