Framing versus cropping

I have decided to complete this exercise with bullet points and 2 images to highlight my thoughts. Whilst I have been reading and completing my own research during these exercises I have not researched the definitions of the terms of framing/cropping. These are my words and my thoughts based on the knowledge gained so far.

  • Framing for me is…
    • always an original piece of work.
    • capturing an image in the moment.
    • documenting a piece of history from your own personal perspective.
    • creating a unique moment which may or may not work.
    • bound by traditional compositional guidelines or not dependant on the artist. It is the creation of an original image.
    • a time stamp.
    • an image where the subjects may be in relation to the frame or not.
    • how an image is framed is dependent on the taker of the photograph.
    • something that cannot be wrong but may need more justification if the framing is “unusual”.
    • a way to convey your message.
    • a tool that can make people think.
    • not always easy to make an aesthetically pleasing image.
    • unaltered as in the image below.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 15.53.10.png

  • Cropping for me is…
    • reproducing part of an image from an original framing.
    • not wrong.
    • at tool that can be used to good effect.
    • a way you can change the meaning of the original framing.
    • a post-production tool.
    • a way you can improve or degrade the original framing.
    • something that I use when printing images.
    • an amended image, as per the cropping boundaries as shown below. I am not saying the crop below is the right one, just an example.



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