Project 3 Surface and depth

As per the brief for this part of the course I have summarised below in approximately 300 words the main points from each of the reviews. They are in point form as the brief asked for the main points to be picked out.

The 2 reviewers of Campany and Colberg are very different in style in terms of presentation and the wording used. Both reviews contain valid points and for me Company’s is the most in-depth and perhaps the one to which I am the closest, hence my bias towards his piece. I am not sure Campany can detach his personal views in his review , to concentrate on other people perceptions though, as he does not know what I am thinking.

I have enjoyed reading both reviews which have given me an overview on critiquing pieces of work and some pointers to how I can improve my own critique and reflection. Neither of the reviewers are wrong, they have their own opinions and it is that I feel photography is aiming to stimulate. If my photography starts to generate opinions and get people thinking, then I am moving in the right direction. Perhaps my own images so far have been too obvious and do not contain enough thought provocation. This is one point of many that I have learned from the first part of the work and I will certainly keep that in mind going forwards.

I have chosen the following image to add to my learning log as I see this part of the course as my launch pad and I will now make my photography take off (corny but heartfelt). In addition I have been to Cape Canaveral and have a deep love of the Space Race the image holds a special meaning. I also have had the pleasure of photographing a space shuttle launch which was one of the most exciting episodes in my life so far. (apologies go to my wife and children!!!). In addition the rocket below was a test rocket for flights to the moon ,which would eventually lead man to finding out about the surface and depth of the moon.

The image below can be accessed at :-

Ruff’s icbm 08 jpeg

Campany: –

  • The work offers aesthetic and intellectual pleasures.
  • “Jpegs” is thought-provoking i.e. cold but yet beautiful.
  • “Do you think of the image or about photography as a whole?”
  • He ignores his views to concentrate on the views of others? Too presumptuous for me.
  • All images are technically archived.
  • Talks of adapting images to make sense of what they are for you personally.
  • Quotes a filmmaker to enforce his view that reworking an image is a necessity.
  • Discusses adherence to rules but chaos is always close as images are unpredictable.
  • The internet impacts the redistribution of archives.
  • Ruff is a serialist.
  • Ruff’s adaptation can be whatever the viewer wants it to be.
  • To appreciate the individual image, you need to see the whole set.
  • Few have addressed the building block of this the pixel since digitisation began.
  • Deconstructs the image to its basic level.
  • He gives light of day to unseen images.
  • Pixel replaced grain and are cold. Grain creates a reality, pixels are different. Pixels are ordered not chaotic, like grain.
  • Ruff’s images are chaotic, compared to the order given by pixels.
  • Comparison with life between order and chaos?



  • Ruff is creative and inventive, yet his concept is thin.
  • Ruff creates differences of opinion in photography with his style.
  • The argument of “is this photography?” is not interesting, it is the work that is interesting.
  • Understand the gallery prints will make people think but prefers the book as detail was lost on the larger print. Is that not the point?
  • Concept relies on technique. Is that not the point?
  • Ruff is trying to convince him his images are better than the original.
  • He did not like the captions. They closed down his thoughts.
  • Ruff is pushing boundaries.
  • Ruff asks “what is photography?” and we need to move beyond this.




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