Camera Lucida – Roland Barthes

Having just finished Roland Barthes’ book, Camera Lucida, I find myself reaching for the paracetamols. I do not consider to be a new comer to the art of reading, but maybe I am! This was a heavy book with some strange concepts that I can just about grasp.

What I can take out of this book, is his phrases and meaning of studium, punctum, stigmatum and noeme and how these have to be present (for him) if a photograph will cause him to linger and have any interest in it. I am not going to expand on these terms, as I feel, you are best reading the book yourself. See my reference list that will be published upon completion of Part Two for the book’s details.

Another point that is clear, is Barthes has a dislike of captions or titles on a photograph, something which I had done earlier in Part One. I will try where possible from now on, following the same feedback from my tutor to keep the written word away from my images.

Studium, punctum, stigmatum and noeme, will be at the forefront of my mind when taking an photograph and I will see how these points figure in any future images. They do not have to be present in an image and are one person’s thoughts. They do however have some form of validity and I just about understand his thought process.

Let’s see if this has an influence, other than on my need for self medication, on my future work. Below is one of my favourite shots (love the juxtaposition and the potential story here) from the book and this can be found at ;- accessed 11/10/2016



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