Exercise 2.5

Before I comment on the two images I want to explain how I was harassed by a security guard when taking these 2 images. The images were taken at the main multi storey car park in Rotherham. I parked on the top floor, as I knew I would get some decent views from up there and stand a chance of fulfilling the brief of this exercise. I had taken 2 images when this “gentleman” appeared, telling me I had to stop taking photographs as it was illegal. I asked why it was illegal to take pictures of the church, explained what I was doing and why, but all to no avail. I showed him the images to prove what I had taken. Rotherham has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, but this was way over the top. I asked him under what law it was illegal, but this appeared not to register and he just said he would have to get the police.

Later the same day I was shooting in Rotherham town and approached by the police and was asked to show them what I was doing. What a sad state of affairs this is. Anyway on with the images.

The shots were hand-held, so there is a slight movement in framing, but nothing substantial and nothing that interferes with the concept.

In the first image where the Parish Church (Church of England) and its’ surroundings are in focus your eye tries to ignore the white vertical lines and you are trying to filling the blanks. You look and acknowledge the background, with the foreground adding a sense of depth and maybe frustration that you cannot resolve the while of the image. The foreground is also used as framing for the main subject of the church.It also leaves me with a question when viewing this as to where this was taken. Why is this behind bars, what are the bars.

The second image makes me think less about the background as my eyes are ignoring the blurry parts of the image and I am left trying to resolve what are the bars, and what is the purpose and story behind the image. There is perhaps not enough interest generated by the bars, as there are static vertical lines. But I am asking myself again what is the purpose of this image and what its’ subject is.

The brief states the that if the focus point is in the foreground the image generally will feel more comfortable, which is something that I would normally agree with, but on this occasion, I feel my images do not conform to that viewpoint due to the nature of the foreground object.

Having reviewed the images on my blog I am now not convcined that I am right with my above statement. There is an air of ease about image 2, but I still think the first image works better due to the foreground object chosen.



One thought on “Exercise 2.5

  1. Scott Sinden October 20, 2016 / 15:56

    Regrettably I have encountered the over zealous security guards and demand that I attend their office to explain what I was doing. It seems that they didn’t know the legislation as well as I did thankfully being a retired police officer and once i could point out why it maybe an offence and that on private property I could be asked to stop. I tactfully withdrew but made my point unless you know the law don’t blag it!!!! The police have no right to see what you have taken and unless under terrorism have no way of looking at your camera. The only thing they may do is record a stop and account although I believe that this is no longer done in the Met. Good luck with your work and hopefully the yellow jackets won’t bother you in the future but well done in standing your ground.


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