Selects for 3.1 and 3.2

I have grouped these two exercises together to highlight the difference between fast and slow shutter speed. There are 4 selects from each group below. All of the images were shot as Jpegs and are totally unedited.

The process for both exercises was the same. Mount the camera on a tripod, partially fill a bowl with water, ensure my focus is correct by using a test shot at the point where the drip would be, using a dummy target of a floating piece of paper. Place focus in manual so as not to disturb it. Set the shutter speed and ISO and that was about it.

It made good sense to use the same subject for both exercises as the differences are more apparent this way.

I had to use different shutter speeds to get the results I wanted and a large number of images were shot as per my contact sheets. A large number of images was needed due to the unpredictability of the bounce that would be generated and the patterns that were thrown off. I have not moved the tripod to ensure framing is the same. I wanted to have some bowl curvature in the shots as this would give a nice balance to the bouncing water and also add some context to show the ordinary setting used. Natural daylight and my kitchen spots were also used to help light the bowl and water.

I love the motion created by the slow shutter speed and if you look closely the spray/droplets have created an astronomical look and in one image there is almost a huge “sun flare”.

This exercise lasted about 2 hours in total from planning to shooting to wrapping up. I am happy with these results. It also goes to show how interesting it must have been at the invention of photography when such results could be achieved for the first time. I wonder how long it took the pioneers to do this. I had the beauty of digital on my side which also made my life easier.



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