Exercise 4.2


Contact sheet with time stamp


10th January 2017.

The weather was cold overcast and mainly raining on and off all day. My intention for this assignment was to shoot a local landscape and I had prepared my gear for an early morning start as I wanted to capture the sun rise. However, the best laid plans get changed. I have therefore completely changed my subject and how this has been shot.


South facing conservatory, with an opaque roof and glass on all sides expect the North, meaning as I have shot the sun will travel from left to right. My choice of subjects was 2 Buddhas that are in the process of going to our local charity shop as we no longer use them. My thoughts for using these were that they had very different textures and very different sizes.

 The light

My first shot was at 0714. The light was so weak as to make focusing very awkward.  ISO was increased to 16000 and colours were very muted and not noticeable. Not only was the light weak the cloud cover was adding to this but diffusing the light further. The light was still able to create a sheen on the right-hand cheek of the larger of the two Buddhas. I would not normally shoot in such conditions but the light has created what is a dream like image, with great contrast to the black background.  It reminds me of waking from a dream.

My next shot was at 0802. There is now a marked difference in the power of the light. The dream like quality is still there but less pronounced. Shade is beginning to be more visible. Sheen was more apparent on the white Buddha. And I was able to focus more accurately and easier. Diffusion was still there and was helpful due to the reflected surfaces of the Buddhas. ISO down from 16000 to 6400, with a similar exposure.

Moving on to the 1025 shot, the power of the light has dramatically increased, more illumination and less power. Much less dream like quality than the 0714 and the 0802 shots.

The shots made between 1100 and 1513 were all; very similar in light output according to my eye. Images were easier to record nut lost some of the dream like quality. Shadows were shorter but still noticeable. The light was harsher even though still diffused due to the clear cover. From the 1533 shot ISO was increased and the dream like quality began to appear again.


Light is to photography what flour is to bread. Essential. Different flour, different taste, different light different mood. The colour change between sunrise and sunset images on this occasion was negligible due to the clouds diffusing the light. What it has taught me is that natural light can be used to suit your own purpose. Use it well and it can create different qualities. In addition, the use of my light meter proved invaluable. I have gained an amazing amount of enthusiasm and inspiration from Sally Mann, whilst studying this part of the course and her work was mainly naturally lit. Please check this out and see where it takes you. http://sallymann.com/selected-works (accessed 11/01/2017)


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