Exercise 4.5

Man’s best friend.dogImage taken from https://www.petplan.co.uk/my-petplan/golden-retriever.asp accessed 11/01/2017.

This is a nice image taken from the above website. The image does what it says on the tin. It is pleasing to look at but bland with everything in focus. I want to look at it for a second and then forget it. It is what I would describe as unremarkable and very two-dimensional.


The majority of the images of dogs are taken from the dogs’ eye height and are there to make the dogs look cute and appealing. Little thought is usually given to the dogs’ form or the context into which they are placed. The majority of the images are flat  and do not show any depth to the dogs or their coats. There is very little time given to the eyes, nose, paws and fur. Teeth are only usually depicted to show anger. The lighting of the images appears flat and eliminates shadows. Yes, most are cute but there is very little personality  showing. There is an element of a punctum (as Barthes would say) but no studium. in the majority  of the images.

Therefore that is my challenge is to change that and add an element of creativity by not shooting a full shot  of the dog’s body and to use my lens wide open. I also plan to use a  macro lens  to add to the creativity as  I have not found  many shots of  dogs that are  taken with such a lens.

I have also taken my shots from the dog’s eye height as the results gained from a vantage point above would not be aesthetically pleasing. There is no obvious setting for the shots, actually they were taken in my living room whilst Boris was in his basket. There may be the odd dog cliché shot in there but I have tried to give the viewer something to think about.

  • What is the dog doing?
  • Where is it?
  • Why is he doing that?
  • I can see why a dog’s nose is so sensitive.
  • What sort of dog is it?
  • How big is it?
  • What sex is it?
  •  What is its’ age?
  • What is is called?
  • How old is it?
  • Does it enjoying having its’phototaken?
  • How long did it take to complete the shoot?
  • Why does it only have two front teeth?
  • What are the surroundings, etc etc?
  • What is its’ backgound.


  • 1-201701167-201701163-201701166-201701164-201701162-201701165-20170116


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