Tweaks following feedback from Assignment four, with links to where this work has been published.


 See my work here.untitled

I have followed the direct of advice of my tutor following his feedback and have made some amends as above. Such feedback, as documented in my blog, is invaluable and makes this course so interesting and the learning process much better. I have not amended my original post, as I want my learning to be clearly documented and signposted.

This particular set of images was a commission I have sought (by myself, so it can sit alongside my learning) and won from a local animal sanctuary. My work is now featuring on their website and there are a number of the images above on there website (see screen grab and their website – both above). There is further work planned at Thornberry, so they have also seen value in my images, which is pleasing.

The purpose of the set was not to use dramatic lighting purposes (like some of my peers – I plan to forge a career in animal photography) but to assist Thornberry  get their dogs adopted, whilst working with different light sources in strange surroundings, and working with awkward subjects. I had a feeling my tutor would not like the set (as such) as they are of dogs and have formed part of my exercises before, but for me, I was interested in fulfilling the commission, and how I would approach the difficulty with the set up and the problems photographing a group of very nervous dogs.

Yes this is not a dramatic lighting set up, but it is a set up that needed thinking about, on the hoof, as I did to know what to expect at the animal sanctuary. I have used both natural and artificial light and have adapted to a strict set of guidelines (from Thornberry), whilst adding my own personal style. The pink backdrop was a “not negotiable” from Thornberry, as they wanted this for a valentine’s promotion. I am pleased my work is now on display and it has clearly been well received.

Overall I am very pleased, not only to have fulfilled the brief, but to have gained the commission (and future ones) and I now see my work published on a website.

I will discuss and reference in my next assignment as reflection and learning Elliott Erwitt, William Wegmann.

I will also take on board the feedback about framing and producing work in one style of framing i.e. only in landscape or portrait.

Thanks for the feedback Les and as always it was well discussed and well put across. More importantly, your feedback makes sense and has improved this piece of work and will assist me as I progress.



One thought on “Tweaks following feedback from Assignment four, with links to where this work has been published.

  1. Photos Things and Stuff February 6, 2017 / 00:35

    I’m unaware of the requirements in the brief for this assignment, but I do know those are beautiful photos of beautiful animals, and I enjoy looking at them greatly.


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