Book review “Elliott Erwitt – Personal Best”


This book takes me back to my child hood as the only thing that you can read are the images (and the forward).

It is simply amazing. His work is new to me, but I am spending much of my time reading this in combination with Sally Mann’s work.

All of the images contain both a studium and  a punctum and need looking at again and again. They are not straight forward images (they might be at first viewing), they have meaning, humour and the ability to create  empathy. It feels as though you are there in the image and the distance between viewer and subject appears to blend into an unusual episode of time travel..

The double spread pages have been criticised by some readers and I can understand this, but in my opinion, this does not distract from the work, as this transcends such pitfalls. I would love to see these in an exhibition.

There is a clue in the title of the book to what the book contains and the images do not let you down. This tome cost less than going to a football match and will give me hours of pleasure over and over again.

I plan to go move photographing dogs and other animals and this work will stand me in good stead.

All students of photography should read this.


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