Exercise 5.3

Henri Cartier-Bresson. Magician with light, geometry and luck. I believe he created his own luck and new things would happen after choosing his viewpoint. Very very clever man, whose work I appreciate more as I progress on my journey as a student of the art he so well mastered.

Image taken from ;- https://iconicphotos.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/cartier-bresson-henri-iza-gare-st-lazare-paris-1932.jpg?w=700

The pivotal point in this image is the upward pointing right for captured just inches above the still pool as this is poised to shatter the stillness of the mirrored pool of water.One second later this image does not exist.It is this point that the whole image is dependant upon.

This is a world-famous image taken by HCB. It is also an image that has been cropped to make it work.

There are so many elements in this that makes this work. The moment is the key to its’ success for me. The context of where the image is taken is also key. This is taken behind a railway station and I see the jumping man as a train jumping off the track, taking a step into a union future.

There is also some interesting points that balance the image well i.e. the circles in the puddle being balanced against the circles the ballet dancer on the posters. The poster stating Railowsky adds an element of amusement to the image as this gives me the impression of this being some sort of Russian/Easter European train station, although there may be a letter missing from this as it appears to be torn.

HCB claims this image is all down to luck but i do not agree. He liked the geometry and the set up so was aware enough to be able to sneak his Leica through the railings and make this world-renowned image.

The rubbish/rubble in the background adds a contrast to the stillness of the water and the overall quality of this image.

I enjoy HCB’s work and this is one of those images that stimulated my interest in photography when I was a young man, when I bought my first camera, an Olympus Pen in 1986.


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