Assignment five re-edit

I was asked by my tutor to re-edit, even though he felt my original posting had met the brief for the assignment. He felt the assignment would be better for the images in colour and he asked me to concentrate the re-edit on colour and then shape. My final edit is below.

I await his written feedback, which will be posted upon receipt. I  was told previously  to make a series uniform, in regards to the  aspect ratio i.e. landscape  or portrait, but on this occasion  I have been asked to mix them up. Hence my edit below.01-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images02-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images03-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images04-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images05-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images06-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images07-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images08-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images09-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images10-20170212-Nick Ward 516128 EYV Assessment Images


Tutor feedback

Overall Comments

You’ve again fulfilled the brief. I’m a little concerned that on immediate impression the photographs do not overtly showcase your skills. Follow up on my recommendations below.

Feedback on assignment Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

 Notes from, and in addition to, our Skype tutorial :

Reorder the series so that you showcase the most direct images – you are after all ‘advertising’ these dogs – demote no.1

New order:

  • 6
  • 10 or 9
  • 2
  • 3 once cropped
  • 4
  • 8
  • 1
  • 5
  • end 7

Think about how they work as a series. The compilation that the blog automatically produces is don’t forget what we see first.

Take control, present your best image first, then make the series tell the story you want it to – this is separate from providing the dogs’ home with the images they require. If there are better images illustrating lighting for the assignment substitute them.

Crop image 1, 2 and 3. Make the series all head and shoulders of dogs. It won’t be a narrow typology as you already have plenty going on in but cropping these three allows us to focus on the expressions – which is of course the selling point.

The backgrounds, especially with reference to 3, detract from this series. They could be useful in talking about the dogs in a different way.

Default references for dogs –  Elliott Erwitt, William Wegmann!

Signpost your misgivings about presenting these (to me), versus the positives of the experience of commissioning. You’re doing some great reflection and striking a balance between potentially conflicting factors in making/editing/showing images is always useful.

We discussed how a number of other students used assignment 4 to showcase often dramatic lighting. Make sure you highlight the lighting positives in your submission – balancing the mix of natural and flash, coping with movement, the variables of each scene etc. Also make sure that it is apparent that you garnered a commission here – and that you were also fulfilling the OCA brief.

We discussed how by using animals again you have worked with a further set of variables out of your control – you note that currently this is an area of photography you would like to work in in future.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays Context

Keep putting your thoughts on books you have read in your blog, and putting reflection into practice. And we do all read Camera Lucida over and over. On Photography still has plenty to merit it – and plenty of people picking fights with it forty years later!

Suggested reading/viewing Context

Keep up with the books! It can’t hurt to read more, seek out Tod Papageorge’s famous quote…

Pointers for the next assignment

Showcase your learning, don’t be afraid to experiment and reference it all!

All this for 20 minutes re-edit

I have re-edited my original shoot following feedback from my tutor and a great amount of self-reflection and studying of other works of a similar nature. These will be posted and referenced separately.

  • I have decided to keep them images as colour images, as this gives an “as is” feel. This is a real issue and it therefore deserves reality, not desaturation.
  • I have also been and discussed the issue with a local councillor to gain a further insight into HS2/Bramley, as I had not previously researched the issue as this was a spontaneous shoot. My name has now been put forward to help promote this cause and I will be photographing a march on the 8th October.
  • Captions have been removed, as looking at other people’s work e.g. Karen Knorr and her Belgravia set, I feel the captions in this shoot will not add anything. I want to get people thinking and adding captions closes down the viewers mind as there may be an element of ambiguity in the images.
  • There are a number of new shots in the set, that I have used towards the end of the set which include people. This makes the issue personal and it also shows the viewer that Bramley is not dead, but will fight on. It was felt the cemetery image was too final and added too much doom and gloom to the overall fight that Bramley is faced with.